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Vega is a lamp characterized by one or two directional LED projectors, ideal for creating limited scenarios. Available in square, circular or rectangular shape and in white or black color. The lamp can be installed using the Contatto fixing and power supply kit, or, in the wireless version, using the K-Wireless panel.

The projected light

Vega is an elegant directional and adjustable spotlight, a small but powerful light spot that allows you to better illuminate limited scenarios, highlight small objects or create comfortable reading corners. The lamp is switched on and off by simply touching the surface surrounding the projector. In this way, if a switch regulates several light points, it is not necessary that all of them are off or on, but it is possible to intervene on the single lamp.

Vega products

Vega S100

Vega C100

Vega R200

Vega R200 Single

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