Suro is a LED lamp with a rechargeable battery. Available in USB or Wireless charging version. The touch button allows you to adjust the intensity and configure the switching on and off of the two illuminating surfaces. Combined with one of the accessories dedicated to her, it transforms into a beautiful table lamp or floor lamp.The IP66 protection index makes Suro a water resistant lamp, perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. Suro can be controlled remotely by radio control.


Murano26 is a series of glass vases blown with artisan methods by Murano glass masters. The Murano26 vases are available in four different colors and are designed to elegantly dress the centerpiece during the day and give unique and colorful diffusions when used together with the Suro lamp in the evening.


Dori26 is the elegant technical glass vase designed to contain the Suro rechargeable lamp. During the day, Dori26 can also be used independently as a decorative vase for the centerpiece.


Spring26 is the plexiglass table diffuser support that can be combined with Suro, spreading its light evenly. Thanks to the resistant material and the minimalist design, Suro becomes a table lamp suitable for any situation and any environment, both indoor and outdoor.


Spring104 is the plexiglass floorstanding speaker support that can be combined with Suro, equipped with an integrated support base. It allows you to illuminate places where there are no electrical outlets, expressing itself at its best in parks, gardens, terraces and events in general.