Alphard C100

Alphard C100 is the indirect light LED lamp. Thanks to the directional front plate, a pleasant diffused lighting is created, since the light can be propagated more or less grazing to the wall. The lamp can be installed using the Contatto fixing and power supply kit.


Suro USB is a LED lamp with a rechargeable battery. Available in USB or Wireless charging version. The touch button allows you to adjust the intensity and configure the switching on and off of the two illuminating surfaces. Combined with one of the accessories dedicated to her, it transforms into a beautiful table lamp or floor lamp.The IP66 protection index makes Suro a water resistant lamp, perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. Suro can be controlled remotely by radio control.


Menso-lino is the magnetic shelf that can be combined with any model from the Quadri collection. Maximizes the versatility of the System, creating a convenient shelf in which to place small books and objects.


Flò is an elegant glass cruet supported by a magnetic support, which can be combined with any model from the Quadri collection. Essential and versatile, Flò can be used as a flower holder or as a room fragrance.


Magno is an accessory equipped with internal magnets which, once positioned below the indicator light of one of the wireless panels, supports different smartphone models, which, if compatible, are recharged by the panel itself.