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Iride is a wall lamp inspired by the world of furniture and the shape of the human iris. A large pupil created with smoked glass with a diameter of 60 cm and a thickness of 0.5 cm which is supported by a central metal disc which is in turn fixed to the wall with a 9 cm spacer. Inside the metal disc is a mains voltage LED light source that emits up to 3700 Lumen, generating a pleasant indirect light without compromising the light performance.


    White, Black, Bronze, Copperbronze, Octane, Green-gold, Natural Iron


    Bedroom and Living room

  • TYPE

    Wall lamp

  • USE


Technical specifications

Supply voltage 230 VAC
Maximum current 0,2 A
Use Indoor
Temperature 3000 K
Glass Smoked – thickness 5 mm
Technology LED
CRI 90
Power 15 W – 30 W
Lumen 2250 – 3750